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Monday, March 7th, 2005
9:55 pm
Well I was wearing the care bear shirt so my aunt marge would be happy, and i was just going to turn off the music but how the fuck did you know that it was Beyonce anyways? I mean besides the fact that there was a Beyonce CD on top of the CD player? Don't be pissed at me, it's not my fault. I really am goth at heart, and i want a knife stabbed into that heart.

current mood: dirty
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9:54 pm
Holy fuck I got caught in a big mess.
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Saturday, June 26th, 2004
3:30 pm
so i rode starr to about mexico, and she went crazy and started chewing on my whip, so i had to shoot her.

then i hitch hiked, but my ride only went to eastern california. then i walked through part of arizona and rode a pony to texas. then my pony died. well i'll get to michigan soon.

i miss raina. glued thumbtacks to my hand and masturbated, because that's what it feels like in her bondage-styled vagina. oh well. i'm cutting a lot more. i'm proud. brownie points for satan!
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Monday, June 21st, 2004
6:52 pm
i wrote this song for raina...

i love it when you cut yourself,
and bleed on my body,
i love it when you cut yourself,
and then we do the naughty.
i love it when you burn yourself,
and your loves burns through me
i love it when you burn yourself,
with scalding hot tea.
i love it when you stab yourself,
and let me lick the knife,
i love it when you stab yourself,
even it you can't end your life.
i love it when you slap yourself,
you look like a crazy bitch.
i love it when you slap yourself,
i'd fuck you if you was laying in a ditch.
i love it when you cut your cunt,
it really turns me on.
i love it when you cut your cunt,
it's why i wrote the song.
i love you.
i love to whip you.
i love when you cut yourself!

i love it when your rip out your hair,
and make me a voodoo thing.
i love it when you rip out your hair,
and bite off my nipple ring.
i love that you're a masicist,
it brings me a brand new hope,
i love that you're a masicist,
i love when you choke on soap.
i love it when you gag yourslef,
and throw up on my foot.
i love it when you gag yourself,
or the burnt fingernail soot.
i love it when you bleed on me,
hope you give me stds
i love it when you bleed on me,
it makes me feel happy.


i love it when you run over yourself,
why don't you fucking die?
i love it when you run over yourself,
it makes me want to cry.
i love it when you dye your hair,
it's uglier than can be.
i love it when you dye your hair,
the colours are uglier than me!
i love it when you make me whip you,
and the scars i leave on your back,
i love it when you make me whip you,
right on your big rack.
i love it when you murder with me,
the sounds of terror-filled screams,
i love it when you murder with me,
and the voodoo doll, who's falling apart at the seams.
i love it when you suck my blood,
vampires make me horny
i love it when you suck my blood,
even if it sounds a little corny.
i love it when you pose for me in the graveyard,
those pictures turned out hot,
i love it when you pose for me in the graveyard,
and try to kill me with your machine robot.

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Friday, June 11th, 2004
1:35 pm
raina snuck me on her family vacation to mexico.

well it didn't work out too well. but we finally got here....

so i woke up this morning, and forgot i was in mexico, so i got confused, and started shooting, and the light fell down on raina's mom. i think she's wounded.

well she deserves it. she was listening to folk music last night.
fucking bitch.
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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
6:05 pm
i wrote a new song called "i love to kill" it's fucking awesome man.

dogs, hogs, pogs, yeah, i fucking kill the all,
frogs, logs, clogs, big, medium, and small!
i fucking love to kill,
a lot of fucking stuff
i really love to kill
your mother and stuff.

that's just the chorus.
well i gotta go slice. byye
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Monday, June 7th, 2004
6:25 pm - death!
raina is going on a family vacation in a few days and i am secretly coming along!!

she's bringing her large body-bag suitcase, and her parents will think it's just extra knives (which it will be) but i will also be coming along, being dragged through the airport and such. raina's folks might think it's strange that raina jumps inside her body bag and has sex with her knives, but we will keep it on the low.

they will never know. stupid bitches.
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Sunday, June 6th, 2004
11:43 pm
sorry it's been so long since i've updated.
i'm not sorry. i fucking hate you. fuck you, you dick.

it sucks that raina got suspended for the rest of the year. but she keeps coming back on campus anyway. silly raina. she makes me laugh. then i start stabbing things, because it hurts my face to smile.

i sacrificed many rodents in the name of satan this weekend, my best was a small mexican man and his tribe. it was really beautiful the way that the very SECOND the flames hit them they screamed and cried for their lives, and soon the dirt came right off.

i need some new ammunition for my guns, i'm running way low cause i spent all my money on pot, so anyone with spare change I WANT IT!

i have to go help raina. we're cutting ourselves, it's so tight. goodbye.

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Sunday, May 30th, 2004
12:05 am - what a great day
today i went over to rainas house. i havent been there in a while. since before she painted her walls blood red! with real blood. we usually just come to my house cause i have candle wax and chains. but today we went to her house. she gave me a small glass of tomato juice but after a few sips i figured out she was feeding me her blood. i drank every last drop of it anyway. it was delicious.

then we got down to it. thanks for a great day raina. the only great day ive ever had.
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Friday, May 28th, 2004
9:50 pm
raina and i are sacrificing ourselves on monday as a protest against the american government. itll be great. setting ourselves on fire in the middle of kellogg park for all the citizens to see.

well start an uproar.

she got suspended for the rest of the year for drugs. she needs to learn how to keep a private emergency stash. like me. she knows i wont share it either. its for when i need to be fucked up.

well i gotta go. theres an indian outside my window that i gotta shoot.
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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004
1:12 am
raina almost went to the hospital. thats so fucking awesome. i love her. i want to make her children all depressed and rockin. i love her.
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Friday, May 21st, 2004
1:10 am - hjnmkl,
today is exactly one month after 4-20. my favorite holiday. i was high all day and my mom yelled at me. my fucking brother is a fucking skater. i hate skaters. he skates a lot.

and listens to indie.

real people listen to punk and heavy metal and mostly gothic music.

raina cut herself like 30 times today in science. it was so cool. im proud of her. i wish i had bravery like that. satan loves her. i mean i know he loves me too, but he probably likes her better.

i slapped mrs way today and got a referal. actually i didnt slap her, i beat her with a peice of wood.
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Thursday, May 20th, 2004
1:06 am
so today my teacher told me i had potential if i just applied myself. fuck that shit. i fucking hate him. maybe its cause hes gay. and im homophobic. well not PHOBIC. im not scared of nothing. i just hate homos.

i had my gun at school today and i was showing kids and i thought the security guard was gonna see it and i was ognna have to shoot him. but no i didnt. good. i dont want to waste bullets.

i love raina!!!
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Monday, May 17th, 2004
1:06 am - correction
nevermind i hate dykes.
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1:04 am
so today there was this preppy girl that passed me in the hall, and i had a plastic bag that rainas gift came in. i got her a black kitty keychain to express my love. even though it was late for her birthday. i also gave her a joint. and i dont usually share that shit. anyway, i had the bag her keychain came in, and i put it over the preppy girls head to suffocate her and it was the funniest thing ive seen.

then we smoked in the courtyard of canton and i think raina and i had sex.

that was a lie.

julie greeneisen is cool, man.
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Sunday, May 16th, 2004
1:01 am - i hate my feet
today was the best day of my life! raina leaned in for a kiss. we almost kissed, but then that one gay kid walked up, so i had to beat him up.

then i got a D on a gym test! ive never done anything that good! but im kinda pissed. my white skin got a little tan from being in the sun for gym. oh well. good thing i have white powder.

okay i gotta go wash the blood off of my hands. later!
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Saturday, May 15th, 2004
12:56 am - LJ
yesterday was raina's birthday.

happy birthday girl. 16 years! wow. and youve been trying to kill yourself for 9 of them! impressive. maybe one day youll be lucky and succeed!

i dont try to kill myself much... besides that time i shot myself in the chin, or when i shot myself in the stomach. or that other time when i jumped off the roof of my house and broke my arm. or the 6 or 7 times i slit my wrists. this week. or that one time i took that antique chinese sword and tabbed myself in the side. the dr. said if it had been .7 cm to the left i wouldve died. or that one time when me and raina tried to burn our bodies in sacrifice for satan. or that time i tried to shoot the mirror so that it would bounce of and hit me. yeah that sucked. i had to pay for the stupid thing. or that other time.. i guess ive attempted suicide a couple times..

im in love with raina. i want to marry her and have wild sex with her. then raise our own children. i know it may sound weird but i really like michael jackson's parenting style. he is a fag and i hate them, but i like the way he makes his kids wear masks its really a statement.

so there was an indian man walking around my neighborhood today so i shot him, of course. he didnt die - dammit. so i shot him again and put him in my closet with the other bodies. he just made some noise - might have to shoot him again. :\

oh well. happy bday again raina. i LOVE you and your soul we really should make children and then kill each other like romeo and juliet. itd be beautiful. like a sacrifice for satan.
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